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PCAN-Router Pro

PCAN-Router Pro

PCAN-Router with DB9 connector

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The PCAN-Router is a dual channel CAN module whose NXP LPC21 series programmable microcontroller provides the option of using the CAN messages on both channels on a flexible basis. This gives a whole range of options for manipulation, evaluation, filtering and routing of CAN messages.

Using the supplied library and the Yagarto GNU ARM toolchain (contains the GNU Compiler Collection GCC for C and C++), custom firmware can be created and then transferred to the module via CAN. At delivery, the PCAN-Router is equipped with a demo firmware that forwards CAN messages 1:1 between both channels at 500 kbit/s. The corresponding source code is included as example in the scope of supply.

This module is installed in an sectional aluminum casing and is shipped with two D-Sub connectors.
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Artikelnr PCAN-RT-DB9
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