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PCAN-Router with DB9 connector

PCAN-Router with DB9 connector



PCAN-Router Pro

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The PCAN-Router Pro allows to join the data traffic from four High-speed CAN busses. The behavior of the router is configured via the CAN bus with the provided Windows program PPCAN-Editor. As well as pure forwarding, the CAN data can be processed, manipulated, and for example, filtered in a number of different ways. There are a variety of function blocks and other settings available to the user for configuration setup. Furthermore, there is a virtual fifth CAN channel which is used for recording all data traffic to a CompactFlash card.

As an alternative to the standard firmware which the PCAN-Router Pro is equipped with at delivery, custom firmware based on the ARM microcontroller NXP LPC2294 can be created and implemented. The scope of supply includes a library and the Yagarto GNU ARM toolchain (contains the GNU Compiler Collection GCC for C and C++).

CAN transceiver modules in the PCAN-Router Pro allow a flexible adaptation of each CAN channel to the requirements. For example, Low-speed and Singlewire CAN transceivers are also available on request.
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