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AM2302 Temperature/Humidity Sensor

AM2302 Temperature/Humidity Sensor

10-pin Socket IDC cable 38mm

10-pin Socket IDC cable 38mm

16x24 Red LED Matrix Panel

Chainable HT1632C Driver
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These LED panels take care of all the work of making a big matrix display. Each panel has six 8x8 red matrix modules, for a 16x24 matrix. The panel has a HT1632C chip on the back with does all the multiplexing work for you and has a 3-pin SPI-like serial interface to talk to it and set LEDs on or off (you cannot set the LED to be individually dimmed, as in 'grayscale'). There's a few extras as well, such as being able to change the brightness of the entire display, or blink the entire display at 1 Hz.

One really nice thing about this particular LED matrix module is that it is designed to be 'chainable' - you can connect to 8 panels together to make an extra long display.

Comes with one fully assembled and ready to go panel, and a 10-pin IDC cable. You will need a microcontroller to control the display, our tutorial uses an Arduino but nearly any microcontroller with 3 digital output pins can be used. If you want to chain two displays, you can use the two IDC cables in the packages to connect them. But for 3+ chained displays you will need more cables - check the tutorial, search for "How many Cables do I need?" for an explaination.

• Requires 5V power
• 3 digital pins for one panel
• Chainable up to 8 displays, each display requires an extra CS pin (so 8 displays requires 10 digital pins)
• 114 x 89 x 18 mm
• 4 x 3.2 drill mounting holes
• HT1632C driver chip
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