Smoke Translucent  Enclosure for Arduino

Smoke Translucent Enclosure for Arduino

Standoff Nylon 10MM - M3 (10p)

Standoff Nylon 10MM - M3 (10p)

Altoids Gum sized tin

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Ever since Altoids discontinued the Gum version, its been hard to get tins. So we went and got a whole mess of them custom made! These tins are exactly the same shape and size as the old Altoids gum tins but they are blank and we got the bottom flattened instead of rounded (so it fits things better)
Outside dimensions are: 1.43" x 3.35" x 0.8"
Inside dimensions are: 1.40" x 3.30"

Perfect for mintyboosts! Contains no gum (which is probably for the best as it was kind of gross tasting)
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