Buy without creating an account

You do not need to create an account with us to buy, simply put products in the basket and check out (though for returning customers it is best to create an account to make it easy). Enter all details (do not forget to enter EC VAT# for companies within EC and MVA# for companies within Norway). Private persons do not need to enter anything more than fields marked with *. Make sure you read the Terms of condition before ordering!

Finding products

Find the products you are looking for by clicking the right product groups in the top of the shop. Then select products by adding them to the shopping cart. Then proceed to the check-out, where you can approve your choices and send in the order. You can also click the "Search" command to search for products by text in all product groups at the same time. You can enter a word, or part of a word, to search for in the details of the product you want.

You can also search for a detail number. Just enter the number, or part of the number, and click the "Search" symbol.

Selecting products

At a produkt page, select a product by entering a number in the quantity field and clicking the "Add to Cart" button. The product is then added to your "shopping cart". Click on the cart symbol in the top of of the screen. Then you can see the total value of the products you have added, and also the latest added products. You can select products from the product lists and from the search result list.

Using the shopping cart

Click the "Shopping cart" symbol to see a list of the products you have selected. You can change the number of a selected product by entering a new number in the quantity field, and then clicking the "Update" button. You can remove a product from the shopping cart by clicking the "Remove" button.(X)

Sending an order

When you have finished selecting the products you need, click the "Go to Check-out" link. After you have filled you address and chosen shipping mehod, click Next to come to completive page. Fill in extra address if not shopping and payment address is the same, then choose payment method and send your order.