LAWICEL CANUSB Adapter (1m USB cable)

LAWICEL CANUSB Adapter (1m USB cable)


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This cable allows you to access the pins on your car’s OBDII connector for the CANbus according to the standard J-2284 (no other signals are included). It has an OBDII connector on one end and a DB9 female connector on the other end to match our CANUSB or CAN232 according to CiA DS102 standard. The overall length of the cable is about 1,5m.

Note: This cable is not meant to be plugged directly into a computer’s serial port. It is meant to plug into some sort of hardware interface such as CANUSB or CAN232.

Here is the basic pinout (OBDII > DB9 Female)

Pin Description OBDII DB9
CAN Low J-2284 14 2
CAN High J-2284 6 7
Signal Ground 5 3

OBS: kan ej skickas som brev!

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