RGB LED DIF CA (25 pack)

RGB LED DIF CA (25 pack)

Build Upons LED - PTH (10p)

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There are LEDs and then there are Build Upons LEDs. Each Build Upons PTH LED in this 10 pack are brick shaped in the same form of your favorite construction block! These LEDs can be easily used as novelty indicator lights, or ground effects for your existing brick sets as the tops of each LED is compatible with LEGO® bricks.

The Build Upons pack contains two diffused PTH LEDs of red, blue, yellow, green, and white. Each LED (minus the leads) are the exact same size as a LEGO® 1x1 brick. Only the tops of the Build Upons LEDs are stackable, not on the bottom due to protruding through-hole leads like any other PTH LED.

Note: LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO® Group, which is not affiliated with Build Upons LEDs.


2x Red Diffused Build Upons LED
2x Blue Diffused Build Upons LED
2x Yellow Diffused Build Upons LED
2x Green Diffused Build Upons LED
2x White Diffused Build Upons LED
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