Zumo Chassis Kit (No Motors)

Zumo Chassis Kit (No Motors)

Basic Sumo Blade for Zumo

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This 1mm thick stainless steel plate can be mounted to the front of the Zumo chassis to create a slanted, bulldozer-like blade for pushing around objects, such as other mini-sumo robots.

This basic sumo blade (sometimes also called a “scoop”) is intended for use with the Zumo chassis. It is made of 1mm thick, laser-cut stainless steel, and it ships flat as shown in the product picture. The two tabs must be bent to an angle of approximately 70° before it can be mounted to the front of the Zumo chassis.

Warning: Do not try to bend the tabs after mounting the blade to the Zumo chassis as this could crack the chassis’ acrylic mounting plate or the mounting tabs themselves.

Size: 44 × 98 × 0.91 mm
Weight: 29 g
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