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E-butik Flex (6.3)
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MicroRax - Small Kit
Description: If you're in the market for a rigid prototyping system, MicroRAX may be just what you're looking for! MicroRAX is a miniature light-weight T-Slot style building system. Suitable for use on your desktop or bench top to build science, engineering, or advanced hobby and DIY projects.

MicroRAX works the same way as other slotted framing systems that you may already be familiar with. Ten millimeter square beams of high strength extruded aluminum can be joined by bolting through joining plates into nuts that fit into the slotted channels. By using different combinations of joining plates you can make just about any configuration you can think of. Bolts are easy to insert and remove by using the included hex key or your favorite 2.5mm hex driver.

This small kit includes enough of the MicroRAX system to do some small projects and give you an idea of what can be done with the system.

Kit Includes:

8 x 40mm Slotted Aluminum Beams
8 x 50mm Slotted Aluminum Beams
8 x 60mm Slotted Aluminum Beams
8 x 100mm Slotted Aluminum Beams
4 x 140mm Slotted Aluminum Beams
4 x 160mm Slotted Aluminum Beams
8 x 200mm Slotted Aluminum Beams
4 x 300mm Slotted Aluminum Beams
20 x "L" Joining Plates
10 x Right Angle Brackets
60 x Nut Plates
120 x Socket Head Cap Screw (M3x5)
120 x Lock Washers
20 x Vinyl Endcaps
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