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E-butik Flex (6.3)
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24V 5A Dual H-Bridge Motor Dr.
I2C Interface Description: The MD22 is a robust low/medium power motor driver, designed to supply power for two motors

Voltage - 5v logic supply and 5v - 24v for the motor
Current - 50mA Max for logic and up to 5A for each motor
Control 1 - 2 independent channels of 0v - 2.5v - 5v Analogue for Reverse - Stop - Forward
Control 2 - 0v - 2.5v - 5v Analogue for Reverse - Stop - Forward with second channel for steering.
Control 3 - RC Mode - Direct connection to RC receiver. (1mS - 2mS pulse with 1.5mS center off).
Control 4 - RC Mode - with the first channel controlling the speed and second channel for steering.
Control 5 - I2C Interface, Up to 8 modules on bus. Two modes of operation, direct control of motors or the ability to send a speed and a turn command.
Size - 110mm x 52mm x 25mm
VAT 599,00 sek
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